Thursday, October 29, 2015

It is official! I am now a published author!

     At 1.35 PM today, I received an email from Highlights Children’s Magazine that they were "delighted to accept" my action rhyme: Reach, Dive, Sink!

     It is amazing what an effect that email had on me. I was having a horrid week. My confidence levels were pretty low. But today, the Universe told me that it saw me and was ready to listen to what I had to say.That email revived my spirit. It is amazing what such validation can do for one's ego and sense of worth.

     This was my first poem to the Highlights Magazine, submitted one month and 26 days ago on September 2. Since that day, I have submitted three works and now, I can check the box: "I have submitted to Highlights Magazine and my work has been accepted"!! 

     As for the journey: I always strive to do my best work, but submitting is key! What good would it do, had my little poem been left sitting in the darkness of my docs folder? It warms my heart that someday soon, I hope, children will open up their magazine and read my poem and act it out.

     Today is a very good day:-)

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